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Juju: The Web Series - 2 - Controlla

The girls have a heady morning. Ally’s tongue gets her in trouble. A familiar face pops in.

After finding out that she’s a witch, a skeptical Ally tries to resume her normal day-to-day routine and head to work. However, a potential opportunity to move up in the professional ladder turns into a showcase for Ally’s powers of projection when she inadvertently tries to kill her boss, Mr. Fairfax. Ally seeks refuge in a coffee shop, where she tests out her abilities of body manipulation on fellow patrons. Her fun is cut short by a visit from Ada, who encourages the sullen skeptic to embrace her newfound gifts. Chelsea pursues Ally.

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Juju The Web Series

While hexed with millennial angst, three friends discover they’re witches when an ancestor pays a visit.