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Masters of the Metaverse - 12 - Season 7 E12: Sandbox

Project: Metaverse marked the start of Brony, Wyatt, and Maddox’s careers travelling the Metaverse, and was Andi’s second world to visit. Back then they thought it was all a game, just another highly advanced virtual reality simulator. Their first metaverse reinforced that impression, with competitors and spawn zones and point values assigned to people.

But they all learned the truth, and now Andi Jaymes returns to that video game styled world with Crash Jaxun, John Stone, and her grandfather – Bruno Hamilton. Can they fix the damage wrought by Project: Metaverse before it’s too late?

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masters of the metaverse

Masters of the Metaverse is an original RPG where players leap from world to world, experiencing the unique heroes who live within. A ZOE Live Production.