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Masters of the Metaverse - 4 - Season 8 E4: Doomed To Repeat It

Starting off strong in the captivity of the Swiss Guard, our group of heroes handle a number of stumbling blocks with grace and eventually end up in Vatican City. There they find themselves plunged into the various plots, murders, and intrigues that the clergy entertained themselves with in the 1500s. With some help from the desperate Cardinals, their time in the Ridiculous Renaissance comes to one showstopper of a fiery finish. One that leaves history back on track.

Back on Prime, Thomas has been doing some digging in their absence. His efforts have yielded a possible culprit for the attempts on the pilot’s lives: Zenda!

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Masters of the Metaverse is an original RPG where players leap from world to world, experiencing the unique heroes who live within. A ZOE Live Production.