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Masters of the Metaverse - 1 - Season 8 E1: Behold, a Pale Horse

Three years is a long time, even if you have a healing factor that has stopped you from aging. Bruno Hamilton, Rosie Harvin, John Stone, and a newly-empowered Mac McPhernon have spent the last three years alternating between putting down threats in the home metaverse and going on increasingly desperate missions to try and find their missing friends and family. Unexpectedly confronted with a threat that was thought to have been destroyed years ago, everything goes up in flames in a small villa in Spain.

An explosive entry to the final season! Bombs! Murder! Intrigue! Letters from nowhere! Magical war crimes! And much more. Don’t miss out on this final season of Masters of the Metaverse!

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Masters of the Metaverse is an original RPG where players leap from world to world, experiencing the unique heroes who live within. A ZOE Live Production.