House Rulez: The Complete Series (Digital Download)


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12 years ago we decided to enter the emerging world of reality TV with our own devious twist: using hidden cameras to film the PRODUCERS of the show as they strove to create ratings-friendly unscripted television. The production team, however, was overly zealous in their efforts, and the controversial results were filed away until the statute of limitations could expire.

And expire they did.

Now, free from prosecution, the creative force behind the cult-favorite series The Gamers, JourneyQuest, and Demon Hunters is proud to present to you the hilarious/appalling/unreal experience that is: House Rulez!

Nothing is as it seems when eight contestants vie for a $1,000,000 prize on the latest reality television sensation: House Rulez. Hidden cameras follow the cast AND the crew as they bicker and backstab their way to the top – and that’s just the show’s producers!

Produced in 2003 as an unscripted experimental dark comedy, House Rulez presents a new side of reality television: the shady behind-the-scenes dealings of producers determined to make their mark and the struggles of the contestants as they attempt to survive.

A reality show…inside a reality show…with tear gas!