TFN Supporters: The Campaign Tier 3 Champion

Suggested price: $15.00

Minimum price: $10.00 every month

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Join The Campaign Supporter community and become our Champion for as little as $10 a month! 

Hosted on The Fantasy Network’s “Supporters” platform, this monthly pledge is your ticket to a single, connected mutual support ecosystem that is owned by the community! 

Leave no story behind! The Champion ($10-$24.99) is out primary Supporters tier level. Besides supporting The Campaign and the content that you love, your pledge comes with exclusive benefits, including:

  • Gain full access to The Campaign, plus more premium content, new releases, and special bonus materials on The Fantasy Network with a TFN Premium Subscription!
  • All Tier 1 rewards!
  • All Tier 2 rewards!
  • See how the costumes, props, and makeup was put together with a catalogue of still photos and videos.
  • Find your way and keep track of The Campaign with an exclusive Map of Ermeria.
  • Climb into the mind of a The Campaign creator with access to “Sid’s Notes.”

Plus, most importantly, your support helpsThe Campaign continue to develop and produce more episodes and more seasons!

Want to help at a higher level, and get even more benefits? Consider leveling up to become Legendary!