TFN Supporters: The Campaign Tier 5 Epic

Suggested price: $60.00

Minimum price: $50.00 every month

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Join The Campaign Supporter community and make your role Epic starting at only $50 a month! 

Hosted on The Fantasy Network’s “Supporters” platform, this monthly pledge is your ticket to a single, connected mutual support ecosystem that is owned by the community! 

Make our program Epic! Tier 5: Epic ($50 – $99.99) is the second of our three premier “producer” levels (Legendary, Epic, Demi-God). Besides supporting The Campaign and the content that you love, your pledge comes with exclusive benefits, including:

  • Gain full access to The Campaign and premium content, new releases, and special bonus materials on The Fantasy Network with a TFN Premium Subscription!
  • All Tier 1 rewards!
  • All Tier 2 rewards!
  • All Tier 3 rewards!
  • All Tier 4 rewards!
  • Receive exclusive invitations to Live Virtual Events!
  • BECOME A CAST MEMBER as an extra in a future The Campaign episode!

Plus, most importantly, your support helpsThe Campaign continue to develop and produce more episodes and additional seasons!

Want to help at an even higher level, get even more benefits, and join the pantheon of our Supporters? Consider stepping up to becoming a Demi-God! 

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Associate Producer – ZOE


Associate Producer – The Gamers


Associate Producer – JourneyQuest


Associate Producer – Demon Hunters


Associate Producer – Strowlers


Associate Producer – Livestream

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