The Fantasy Network Patron Fan Subscription (Monthly)

Suggested price: $10.00

Minimum price: $5.00 every month

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Name your own price (NYOP)! 

Become a monthly TFN PATRON FAN SUBSCRIBER and join with The Fantasy Network in Our Quest to:

    • Bring great Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror stories to light through video, audio, graphics, and print!
    • Sustain the independent creators who bring these stories to you!
    • Support the fans – like you! – who love them!
If you wish to purchase a monthly TFN Patron Fan Subscription ($5 – $20, NYOP) as a gift,  simply: 
    1. Check the “This is a gift” checkbox on either a) the product page (before you purchase), or b) in the cart (before you check out), or c) at checkout.
    2. Enter the email to which you want to send your gift subscription
    3. Choose your own price.
    4. Purchase the subscription. The person will be sent an email notifying them that you have gifted them an annual subscription to The Fantasy Network (they will not see the price) with instructions. 
      • If the person does not have a TFN account, NO WORRIES! An account will automatically be created for them. They will be sent login details, told how they can manage their new subscription, and prompted to change their password. 
**If you wish to purchase an Annual TFN Patron Fan Subscription ($54 – $120, NYOP) for yourself or as a gift,  please click HERE.
**If you wish to purchase a MONTHLY TFN Community Membership ($0 – $4.99, NYOP) for yourself or as a gift, click HERE.
** If you wish to purchase an ANNUAL TFN Community Membership ($12 – $53, NYOP) for yourself or as a gift, click  HERE.

When you become a TFN Patron Subscriber, you become part of a expanding community of SciFi, Fantasy, and Horror fans, producers, actors, writers, and other creative artists. As a Premium subscriber, you become a part of our community with a voice in our direction AND you get special privileges and access, such as:
    • Full access to TFN content, including Patron video, audio, and print, and first access to some new shows, new episodes, and special features from creators you love.
    • A”Fantasy Network Subscriber” role on our Discord server and access to Subscriber-exclusive Discord channels.
    • Subscriber updates, offerings, access to events, and more.

In order to keep Premium access as accessible as possible, a TFN Patron Fan Subscription can cost as little as $5 a month. But we ask you to consider paying more – somewhere between $5 and $20 a month – to help the community achieve its goals. Fully 50% of TFN subscription dollars go into a fund that directly supports the producers on our platform. The remaining 50% goes to support TFN’s infrastructure (our platform and its integration with other services does not come cheap), other producer and fan support, and the work of a small but dedicated group of staff, independent contractors, and volunteers. 

In the wake of the pandemic and an unusually complicated migration to our new platform, TFN and its community need your support more than ever. So, please, consider paying what you can (between $5 – $20) for your monthly TFN Patron Fan Subscription to help keep our community strong and the programming that you love on the air. If $5 a month is all you can do right now, no worries: please join us as a TFN Patron Subscriber at $5, and welcome! If things change and you can give us an extra hand down the road, then please do.