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Welcome, Backers of Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters, to The Fantasy Network!

Your exclusive access to the documentary begins right now through this exclusive Backer-Special monthly TFN Community Membership (good for one year). Besides the documentary, your TFN Membership also gives you access to hundreds of other independently-produced Fantasy, Sci-fi, Gaming, and Horror Films, TFN shows, Livestreams, Podcasts, Audio Dramas, and more.

As a Backer of the documentary, you can purchase your special subscription for free, but we ask you to consider paying something ($0-$4.99, pay what you can) to help TFN continue to support and serve independent creators and the fans — like you — who love and support their work. You can find more information below. Enjoy your subscription, and thank you for your support of Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters!

Suggested price: $2.99

Minimum price: $0.00 Due every month for 12 months

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Jim Demonakos and and Kevin Konrad Hanna have partnered with The Fantasy Network (TFN) to bring their documentary film, Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters exclusively to Backers!

Through this partnership, you will receive exclusive Backer Access to Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters through your own TFN Community Membership for one year from registration.
So, what is TFN?
The Fantasy Network is a unique, community-owned platform for “Creator Distributed, Fan Supported” Fantasy, Sci-fi, Gaming, and Horror entertainment, made up of independent producers, writers, and other creative artists and their fans. Besides streaming for video and audio productions, TFN has its own e-commerce, crowdfunding, Supporters pages (think, Patreon), Livestreams, and Discord channels where fans and creators collaborate to enjoy and support the content that they love. Our goals are to:
    • Create a community dedicated to the creation and distribution of great Sci-fi, Fantasy, Gaming and Horror stories.
    • Sustain the independent creators who bring these stories to you.
    • Support the fans – like you! – who love them.

As a member of the TFN Community, you will not only have access to the documentary Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters, but also to a huge catalogue of “Creator Distributed, Fan Supported” Fantasy, Sci-fi, Gaming, and Horror entertainment from other independent producers, writers, actors,  and creative artists. This TFN Community Membership subscription is yours for FREE. However, since running a platform like TFN takes, well, money, we hope that you will consider purchasing this subscription with a modest “pay what you can” contribution.*

*In order to keep the TFN Community and platform as accessible as possible, all TFN subscriptions are “pay as you can,” with TFN Community Memberships starting at $0. But we ask you to consider paying more than that to help the community achieve its goals.Fully 50% of TFN subscription dollars go into a fund that directly supports the producers on our platform. The remaining 50% goes to maintain TFN’s platform and to the work of a small but dedicated group of staff, independent contractors, and volunteers. 

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