Zombie Orpheus Supporters: Executive Producer

$100.00 / month

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Join the ZOE Supporter community with a $100 monthly pledge that comes with all kinds of great benefits, including:

  • Join the monthly Canon Crowdcast livestream as a video participant
  • Help set the agenda and topics for each Canon Crowdcast livestream
  • a massive digital library of rare and exclusive files
  • the “Executive Producer” role on ZOE’s Discord server
  • “Executive Producer” credit on ZOE films and series that receive Supporters funding
  • voting privileges for weekly livestream polls
  • twice-monthly The Gamers: Nodwick comics from Aaron Williams
  • wiki edit access
  • the monthly supporter-exclusive Canon Crowdcast livestream
  • first access to special events
  • 50% discount on most Zombie Orpheus merch
  • Livestream tips (tech integration in progress, coming soon!)

Plus, most importantly, your support helps Zombie Orpheus continue developing and producing the shows that you care about the most! 

Hosted on The Fantasy Network’s “Supporters” platform, this monthly pledge is your ticket to a single, connected mutual support ecosystem that is owned by the community!

96% of your pledge benefits the ZOE/TFN community.