We are sorry to announce that The Fantasy Network will be shutting down on January 31st, 2023. We’ve put together a short FAQ to help answer your questions.

What Happened?

In late 2019, we raised a minimum amount of funding to operate, but we faced a few headwinds. When the pandemic struck, most production was locked down. Since our lifeblood is content, we simply were not able to generate enough sustainable new content to keep the company afloat. We also saw an impact to our crowdfunding services revenue, and producers were having difficulty crowdfunding new projects. The pandemic also halted investment. Essentially, we were not able to increase capital to grow operations, and we’ve been in a continuous starvation cycle.

TFN is a great idea. Did you look for a buyer?

Yes. We spent several months looking for a buyer but were unsuccessful.

I am a Producer. When will I be seeing my royalty payment(s)?

You should be receiving royalty notices within the next few days, in a format similar to what you have been receiving.

I’m a TFN Investor. What does the dissolution of TFN mean?

For the past 3 years your investment has helped TFN expose the work of independent productions to more audiences. Your investment helped launch new productions, and open new avenues of funding for producers. Since the company is dissolving, any shares you have in TFN will have no future value. In addition, producers will need to find other ways to find audiences.

What will happen to ZOE (Zombie Orpheus Entertainment)?

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment is a separate company from TFN, and though ZOE used some of TFN’s services just like other production companies, (ZOE used TFN’s Membership management system), the loss of TFN will not substantially impact the work ZOE does. Now that TFN is dissolving, ZOE will be moving toward its own website for subscriber and content management.

What will happen to the Discord Server?

The TFN server is shared with TFN subscribers, ZOE subscribers, and other producer’s fans. We will decide on a process to ensure a smooth transition over the next few days.

I have content on The Fantasy Network, what will happen to it?

You own your content. TFN licensed producers content to stream it. Upon cessation of services, TFN will no longer be streaming producers content. Producers still own their content and any contracts TFN has with the producers should not impact what producers can do with their content.

I just signed up in January, 2023. Can I have a refund?

We will be refunding any new subscriptions which are made in January 2023.

My account auto-renewed. Can I have a refund?

If a subscription auto-renews in January 2023, we will be issuing a refund.

What will happen to the TFN site after January 31st, 2023?

After 31 January 2023, TFN will not longer be offering its core services. For a limited period of time after the 31st of January 2023, visitors to TFN will be greeted with a notice of dissolution.

I’m a TFN producer. Who should I contact?

Send email to support@thefantasy.network

I’m a TFN subscriber. Who should I contact?

Send email to support@thefantasy.network

What happened to ElfQuest?

The ElfQuest campaign began fulfillment late last year and the final shipments went out at the beginning of January. If you have questions related to your rewards, please contact ben+elfquest@thefantasy.network