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Chris’ Mom is dead. Then he got kidnapped. And now he’s developing super powers. Things are strange.

Chris’ Mom died in a freak hair salon chair accident. Ever since then, he’s been attached to the chair responsible for her death. Gabriel, his closest friend, believes this is more than an obsession and along with their group of friends kidnaps him on a trip. On the road-trip everyone discovers, as Chris had previously begun to expect, that the salon chair gives those close to it superpowers. Chris, on the other hand, comes to understand he’s in fact struggling with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and learns, along with his friends, that dealing with super-human abilities is sometimes easier to grapple with than what’s going on in your mind. The group trips, stumbles, but ultimately works and grows together to understand their new- found abilities and more importantly, themselves.

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  1. reed.nightingale


    Quirky concept, with a balance of supernatural and retro. Lots of subtle twists on the “modern” versions of things. Enjoyable, but not something I need to watch over and over again.

    7.0 rating