The Hunted Origins

The Hunted: Origins

A struggling actor is mistaken for The Chosen One, foretold to lead a misfit band of vampire slayers against an army of vampires.

The feature length version of the longest running web show online tells the story of how The Hunted began. Set in Hollywood, California, Bob (Robert Chapin) is coming to terms with his unsuccessful attempts at becoming an actor when he is bitten by a vampire named Susan (Monique Ganderton) – daughter of a crazed vigilante slayer named Harry (David Baker).

Harry believes Bob to be the “chosen one” who has been foretold to lead the slayers in a revolt against the vampires. Leader among the vampires is Dragos (Gary Kasper), who plans to wipe out all of the slayers in a single evening and take Susan as his own. This is not a popular decision for Dragos’ advisor Vincent (Anthony DeLongis), who has plans of his own.

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