The Iron Detective

The Iron Detective

Torn between tribal warfare and chivalry, The Iron Detective must fight through hackers, mannedroids, and corruption to get to the truth.

Detective Alex Calibourne, aka The Iron Detective, is on a body guard detail but soon finds himself involved in a shadowy murder mystery. In this exclusive digital comic book, The Iron Detective fights mannedroids, biker punks, and many underworld scumbags. Alex is half Prairie Band Potawatomi Native, and half European-American. His unique blood quantum allows him to be a part of the Solid Soldier Program. The program is spearheaded by the Teknika Corporation. They specialize is “Exonetics” which is kind of a cybernetic power armor. But only certain blood types and genetics allow this type of armor and augmentations to take place. Alex’s unique blood type allows him to be one of the few. As of this time, there are only a handful of Solid Soldiers or “Iron Joes” in the field.

In the future there is an outbreak of cyber terrorism among the Purists. They are a band of technology fearing religious zealots. Meanwhile, the Chrome Angels are growing into a wild cult, pushing the boundaries of human pleasures and pain.

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